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Adobe PDF is frequently being used by most of the internet users. Sometimes, you might even get difficulties in managing your PDF documents such as to manage large-sized file and to manage multiple PDF files.

Adobe PDF is frequently being used by most of the internet users. Sometimes, you might even get difficulties in managing your PDF documents such as to manage large-sized file and to manage multiple PDF files.
It really becomes a problematic situation if the file is of large size in PDF or if there are numbers of PDF files to be sent over the network. Large-sized files to be opened in Adobe Reader take time to open or even if you want to share it over the internet then also it takes time. Similarly, if there is large-sized multiple files in PDF form, then also it takes lot of time to open, search or share it over the network. If there are various documents that there are chances that it might get misplaced or lost. Also, you have to open such large files one by one that is a time taking an d frustrating work.
Now, the question that is running in your mind at this point of time is how to avoid yourself from such situations? 

Adobe Acrobat Tool is very user-friendly in application and it can be used to split a large-sized document if it is in PDF format into multiple small parts. Not only this, you can even club or merge different small files and make a single file. You can even use PDF Spilt and PDF merge software as well to spilt and merge PDF documents.  This is only possible to use if the user have full version of Acrobat rather the trial version. You cannot complete the task of splitting and merging with just trial version.Adobe Technical Support Number is there for you to provide you all possible help.
What are the important steps for splitting a large-sized PDF document?
Following are some of the important steps of splitting a large-sized PDF document with the help of Adobe Acrobat:
First of all, open Adobe Acrobat application
Click File and then Open, Choose PDF file that you wish to spilt.
Then you need to check the size of the file. This can be done by changing View Menu to Details.
Soon after that, you need to open PDF document
To open the document, go to Menu, click on Document – Page – Extract
Extract Pages window will be opened
Choose the page number that you want to extract so that only those page numbers will be extracted.
Do not select Delete Pages After Extracting else it will delete those mentioned pages from the original documents.
Press OK
After this, all the extracted pages will get open in new window and then just save the file.
To save the file, go to File and then Save As. To save this new file, choose the location and file name and then close the document
Repeat the same procedure in case you want to extract more pages. Just enter the page number that you wish to extract and rest of the process is same.
In case you have any problem in the above mentioned steps, call us at our Adobe Helpline Number1-844-433-2368
What steps are needed to merge different multiple PDF files with the help of Adobe Acrobat?
One should take following steps to merge different PDF documents with the help of Adobe Acrobat:
First of all open Adobe Acrobat application
Then look for File, then click on Create – Combine Files into a Single PDF
Press on Add Files and then you need to select all those files that you wish to merge in a single file.
Once the files are added, it can be arranged in any order that you wish to keep your files with the help of Move Up Move Down option
Once managing files are over, then press on Combine Files
It will not take much time and all the files that you have selected will be combined into a single file and all you need to do is just save them
To save the combined file, press File and then click on Save As. It will then ask you the location that you wish you save and the name of the file as well.
After you will enter the name to the desired location, just close the document
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